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Most people look forward to resting their eyes and having a deep sleep for the night. However, it isn’t always as effortless as closing your eyes and counting sheep! Getting a well-rested sleep each night is no longer very common in our bustling, digital world. Unfortunately, lack of sleep or excessive sleep is having a significant impact on vision health. Receiving a healthy amount of rest is imperative for well-functioning vision health. 

St. Lawrence Eye Care’s mission is to keep your eye health in top condition. Here’s our guide to understanding the connection between sleep and your vision.

Sleep and Eye Health

The common belief is that lack of sleep will result in dark undereye circles that affect your appearance. Although dark circles are a result of sleep deprivation, lack of sleep can cause far worse symptoms than undereye circles alone. Eye spasms, also known as Myokymia, may not damage the eye but can be irritating, involuntary muscle spasms caused by lack of sleep. Individuals that do not get enough sleep or sleep for longer than the healthy amount can suffer vision loss.  

How To Maintain Eye Health With Healthy Rest

Shut Off Blue Lights Prior To Bed

Being exposed to blue lights before bedtime can cause immense strain on the eyes. This includes laptops, cell phones and TVs, which all emit blue light and cause our eyes to function as if it’s still daytime. This can overwork the eyes and make it far more difficult for our brains to rest and go to sleep on time. Avoid sneaking that final text or checking social media in bed with the lights off too. The excessively bright screen in a dark room can leave your eyes vulnerable to strain.

Remove Contacts At Night

Keeping contacts in throughout the day and the night can put quite a strain on your eyes. Although contacts may not necessarily affect your quality of sleep, the lenses can block air from reaching the eyes, which helps them breathe freely. Keeping the contacts in may irritate the eye as well, which can keep you up at night.

Schedule Eye Exams

Comprehensive eye exams Toronto allow the eye doctor at our St. Lawrence Eye Care clinic to evaluate your vision health internally and externally. Our thorough eye exam is a multi-step process that helps determine any changes that need to be made to improve your eye health. It’s imperative for your eye safety to inform our Toronto eye care professionals of any and all concerns you may have regarding your vision.

In search of an optometrist in Toronto? St. Lawrence Eye Care is an eye doctor clinic in Toronto dedicated to improving the eye health of patients. Living life with clear, healthy vision is important and our professionals work hard to provide each patient with care to achieve optimal eye health. Drop by our clinic or send us a message to book an appointment!