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Our Comprehensive Eye Exams in Toronto

At St. Lawrence Eye Care, a comprehensive eye exam allows the doctor to evaluate your visual system as well as the overall health of your eye internally and externally. This exam will allow the doctor to determine your ocular health status, prescription, and address any visual concerns you may have. We recommend our patients to have their eyes checked annually for preventative measures.

The eye exam is a multi-step process that may include the following tests:

  • Visual Acuity – measures the sharpness of your vision
  • Colour Vision Testing – to rule out colour blindness
  • Cover Test – lazy eye screening
  • Ocular Motility – how well your eyes follow a moving target
  • Stereopsis – depth perception test
  • Refraction – measuring the prescription in your glasses
  • Slit Lamp – using a microscope to examine the structures of your eyes
  • Tonometry – Measuring the pressure inside your eyes to check for glaucoma
  • Dilation – Drops to enlarge the pupil to view the internal structures of the eyes to check for retinal pathology