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Services Offered by St. Lawrence Eye Care

With the sharp increase in digital devices, everyone of all ages is susceptible to vision problems from excessive eye strain. Children spend more and more hours on computers, tablets, cell phones, and gaming devices, just as adults do. Myopia is increasingly on the rise. Routine vision tests are critical for eye health for everyone of all ages.

At St. Lawrence Eye Care, we offer full-service eye health services to everyone of all ages, from children to seniors. Our vast spectrum of services include regular vision tests, chronic eye ailment diagnosis, and advanced treatments using the latest technology, emergencies, vision management and eye surgeries, such as corrective laser eye treatments. 

Eye Emergency Services

Workplace eye injuries, infections, or accidents that affect the eyes should not be ignored at any cost. If you suffer from an eye injury, pain, have a foreign particle embedded in your eye, dislodged contact lenses or suffer from partial vision loss, do not rub your eyes, use dry cotton, self-medicate or wait for the next morning to reach us. All these can do more harm than good. Contact us at once for immediate medical attention. 

Our team of skilled eye specialists and optometrists are equipped to attend to emergency cases at once, day or night. An overwhelming number of acute eye problems, cornea or retina damage can be avoided if you get treatment on time. Visit us for periodic vision examinations for preventive eye health care. Early diagnosis and timely treatment are crucial for everyone of all ages. From glaucoma to macular degeneration, cataract correction to lazy eye treatment, our team is equipped to treat them all. Call us for any eye emergency, at any time.