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Purchasing Prescription Glasses Online vs Your Local Optometrist

The internet is a marvellous place where you can find just about everything you could possibly need right at your fingertips. In fact, you wouldn’t be reading this today if not for the wonders of the web!

However, there is a darker side to having everything you could want just a click away. It may be tempting to seek the convenience of buying prescription glasses online, but there are some incredibly risky downsides too. Here are some reasons why you should stick to an eye care professional when it comes to purchasing your new specs.

Your optometrist is a certified professional who can get the right measurements and fit.

There are many measurements involved with assuring your glasses fit correctly. Beyond the prescription derived from your eye exam, an optometrist will typically measure the distance needed between your eyes, where the glasses sit on your face and adjust the fit of the glass appropriately.

A professional also knows which type of glasses and frame would best suit your needs. If you ever need an adjustment, it’s easier to see a local professional than to wait for an online vendor that may not get it right.

Online glasses are not guaranteed to meet your prescription requirements.

E-commerce nets sales in the millions and everyone wants a piece of the pie. For every legitimate online glasses retailer, there are likely ten others who only want to scramble for your money.

The prices they offer may seem appealing, but most often the glasses they sell are of inferior quality. Worst yet, you could be sitting around for weeks or months for them to arrive, especially if the business is located overseas. Don’t strain your vision any longer than you have to for specs that might not even work!

You don’t really know how glasses will look or feel until you try them on.

Everybody loves a bit of customization in their lives. Since most of us wear our glasses all day, it makes sense to pick a pair that is comfortable and suited to our personal tastes. Online retailers feature huge catalogues of various styles and it can be incredibly tempting to buy those “perfect” frames.

The downside is you don’t actually know if the frames in the online photo are actually what they are going to look like when they arrive. Retailer review sites are awash with dissatisfied customers who did not receive the exact item they ordered. Often times these complaints go completely ignored.
If you do get what you wanted, there is a chance they don’t feel or look as good as you imagined. When this happens, you’ll likely be stuck waiting to return them for a different pair that you can only hope looks better.

Avoid all of this hassle and frustration by working with your local optometrist to find your ideal frames. Most eye care professionals have an outstanding selection of unique styles to please most sensibilities. If there is a particular style you just “have to have”, the optometrist can help you find what you want from a reputable source.

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