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Waking up blurry eyed and tired then finally putting your contact lenses it can provide some relief and ensure a great start to the day. However, by the end of the day, your eyes can become uncomfortable, itchy and less clear. This is a struggle for most contact lens wearers, but luckily, there are some solutions for relief.

To keep your eyes clean, clear and comfortable all day long, check out St. Lawrence Eye Care’s top four solutions below.

Use Eye Drops

Artificial tears, also known as eye drops, can relieve dry eyes that begin to develop at the end of each day. However, you can’t purchase just any eye drops, as some are incompatible with certain types of contact lenses. Our Toronto eye care clinic optometrists can help find the right artificial drops for your contact lenses that will not discolour or ruin the lenses. 

Include Supplements In Diet

Regardless of how comfortable your eyes may be in your contact lenses, they may not be producing enough tears, which is why they’re dry. However, the number of tears are not the only important factor. The quality of tears can be ineffective due to imbalanced tear chemistry, which is equally as bad as not producing enough tears at all. Consuming omega-3 fatty acids, which are often found in fish along with flaxseed oil, can produce more tear composition and decrease tear evaporation.

Use Specific Contact Lens Care Products

Always use a contact lens solution that is prescribed by your optometrist in Toronto. If you’re using a contact lens solution that isn’t compatible with your contact lenses, the solution may degrade the lens quality and affect your comfort and vision quality. Even if the solution was effective and comfortable for you at first, you can develop a sensitivity to it over time and may need to consult with our eye doctor about switching solutions. 

Go For An Eye Exam

If your eyes are feeling dry, you should make it a priority to schedule an eye exam at our Toronto clinic. Our optometrist can test your eye health and determine what the culprit of this dryness and discomfort is and provide you with specific strategies and methods to treat the issue. We can also help identify which eye drops are most suitable for the type of contact lenses you wear or if you’re trying on a new type of lens. Our professionals will also offer thorough advice to help you manage and care for your contact lenses to ensure optimal eye health.

St. Lawrence Eye Care is the Toronto eye care clinic dedicated to improving your eye health to enhance your health overall, utilizing only the latest and most advanced technologies for vision care to provide you with the best eye exams. Our vision clinic also carries top-quality handcrafted frames, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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