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Many people don’t consider disposable contact lenses because of the cost factor but the reality is that reusable lenses are not necessarily more cost-effective. There are many benefits to disposable contact lenses and this option is ultimately better both for your health as well as your bank account.

The health of your eyes should be your number one priority when it comes to eye care and disposable lenses are a lot better in this regard when compared to reusable ones. It’s inevitable for reusable contacts to become contaminated because the lenses will come into contact with airborne allergens and bacteria, and this will happen even if the lenses are cleaned regularly. Reusable contacts will become uncomfortable over time and no matter how long it takes, whether it’s a few months or a year, reusable lenses are bound to become contaminated. Once this happens, your contacts can cause eye infections and other unhealthy situations, which is why disposable lenses are definitely the healthier choice.

When you compare costs, take every aspect into consideration. If you wear contact lenses every single day, disposable ones will be a little more expensive; however, if you wear contact lenses a couple of times a week, you will see that the cost of disposables is actually quite comparable to the reusable ones. You also have to factor in the additional expenses that are required with reusable contacts, including storage solution and eye drops for red-eye or dry eyes, and once you calculate everything, you will see that disposable contact lenses do not actually cost significantly more in the long run.

Most disposable lenses are made from silicone hydrogel and this substance will allow oxygen to pass through the lens and offer protection against dryness, which is another one of the benefits of this option. You will also never have to worry about losing one, which is a natural concern associated with reusable lenses, which may fall down the sink or on the floor. Whenever that inevitably occurs, your only choice is to buy a new pair, but with daily disposables, you will always have a backup and losing your contacts will not have to be something you worry about.

In short, disposable contact lenses are convenient and completely sterile, so the health of your eyes will always be in good condition. Losing your contacts will never be an issue because you’ll have extra pairs available to you, so you can keep one in your bag in case you need it.

If you want more information regarding disposable lenses, the experts at St. Lawrence Eye Care can provide details and determine if this is the right choice for you. Walk-in optometrists are available, so if you require an eye exam or would like to deal with a professional and experienced eye doctor, visit St. Lawrence Eye Care in Toronto today!