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What is Blue Filter Lens Technology?

What is Blue Filter Lens Technology?

In a world ever-dependant on the use of technology, there is serious concern about the impact so much artificial light can have on the human eye. Negative symptoms of too much “screen time” have been reported for decades. Recent studies have finally linked these harmful effects to a certain type of light used in some of the most common gadgets people use every day. This has lead the vision care industry to develop specialized lenses to protect eyes from the damaging effect of blue light.

Illumination on the Night Light

For thousands of years humans depended on the light of the sun to regulate the natural rhythm of life. While we would use fire and candles to illuminate the darkness of night, the luminal output of these light sources was far less than the intensity of sunlight. When true artificial light was created with the help of electricity it enabled people everywhere to work and play well into the night. Thus began the disruption of our internal “body clock”, known as the circadian rhythm.

Light exposure decreases the production of melatonin in the brain. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating the natural sleep cycle, meaning those exposed to more artificial light are more likely to have trouble sleeping. Sleeping less is linked to dangerous diseases such as obesity and even some types of cancer.

Additionally, overexposure to light during nighttime strains the eyes and may be linked to increased macular degeneration. Some research has shown that digital eye strain from blue light exposure could be linked to cataracts and overall vision loss later in life.

Big, Bad, Blue

Of all the types of light that are considered damaging to human beings, blue light is considered to be the worst. Researchers at Harvard were able to determine that blue light suppresses the most melatonin, an average of twice as much as green light. Furthermore, a study conducted by the University of Toronto discovered goggles designed to specifically block blue light significantly lessened melatonin suppression. This has lead experts in the vision industry to develop special blue light filter lens glasses.

Blue Light Filter Technology

Glasses made with blue filter lens technology are designed to block blue light emitted from common devices such as smartphones and computer screens. When used at night, blue filter lenses can alleviate symptoms of eye strain, decrease instances of headache, and help users achieve better sleep.