What are polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are lenses that help reduce glare due to the coating of a special chemical film. They are typically used by people who spend a lot of time outdoors to help counteract the glare produced when the sun hits a solid surface like a road or the snow on a ski hill. Fishermen also benefit greatly from polarized lenses because they can deflect UV rays that reflect off of the water.

How polarized lenses work

Even though the sun’s rays reflect in all directions, when the rays hit a flat surface, they are reflected up and become polarized. The rays then travel in a more uniform path which is called glare. Glare can affect our vision because it can distort our view and reduce our colour and depth perception. Polarized lenses are created to block out the reflected light by using a special filter making it easier for you to see and not feel blinded by the light.

Benefits of polarized lenses

With polarized lenses, images will appear sharper and clearer. You will also feel more comfortable with improved visual clarity. Most polarized lenses will feature UV protection which is a key component in protecting your eyes from the sun. You can also customize your polarized lenses to enhance your vision with progressive lenses, bifocal sunglasses, and many other protective coatings.

Who should use polarized lenses

People who spend their time outside doing physical activities benefit the most from polarized lenses. Skiers, bikers, golfers, joggers, and boaters etc. all benefit while using polarized lenses because they can focus on their activity and stay safe from glare that could affect their vision. Drivers are also starting to wear polarized lenses since it allows them to see the road without squinting or using the sun visor.

People who are sensitive to light due to post-cataract surgery are also recommended to use polarized lenses to help ease the intensity of bright lights.

Can you use polarized lenses at all times

You can use your polarized lenses for pretty much everything that you do, but there are times where it’s not advisable to wear them. For example, if you are downhill skiing and wear polarized lenses, you may not see icy patches up ahead since you won’t see the light reflecting off it. Images displayed by LCD or LED lighting may be negatively affected by polarized lenses. This type of light can be present in ATMs, gas pumps, and street lights. If you are looking at these lights, you should take off your polarized lenses to help you see the display better.

Difference between tinted and polarized lenses

Tinted lenses are great at reducing brightness, but they won’t protect your eyes from glare as well as polarized lenses will. With polarized lenses you will get a more overall protection from glare and the sun’s rays. You can learn more about our eye wear collections and the various eye wear brands that we carry.

If you are looking to get polarized lenses for your glasses, come on down to St. Lawrence Eye Care in Toronto! Our optometrists will be able to recommend what kind of polarized lenses will fit your prescription.